Get more from your slate investment.

Get more from your slate investment.


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Private residence, new build
Blackburn, Lancashire, UK
David Wallace Slate International Ltd


Marcus Gould, David Wallace Slate International Ltd

The client wanted to get the most out of his slate investment. He asked for SlateSpacer™ so his roof would dry quickly and last even longer. Apart from increased ventilation and reduced condensation, he liked that the small gap would make the slates look a little thicker.

We, at David Wallace, like SlateSpacer™ because it reinforces the message that we have been carrying for over 20 years — that good slate used with good components makes the best roof you can get.

Some may not realize that slate roofs have evolved over the years. Examples include the use of certain stainless steel elements, certain fixings (such as hooks and repair clips), better vents and better underlays. We have brought these things to our customers. SlateSpacer™ is another example. It carries the themes of ventilation and moisture control to a new level.

Increasingly clients and architects are asking for more sustainable roof systems. SlateSpacer™ helps us to respond to these calls; it helps slate set a new sustainability standard.