Get more from your slate investment.

Get more from your slate investment.

Installation > Overview

SlateSpacer™ does not change the way slate is applied. Layout, installation, flashings — all are as customary.

•    Use with nails or hooks

(on open or closed decks)

Works on nailed or hooked applications

•    It's quick and easy

Insert, twist and slide into place.

See video

SlateSpacer™ is easily inserted, twisted and slid into place.

•    The Standard spacer

The Standard spacer is used almost everywhere (dark slates at right). Allow 1 spacer per standard (field) slate.

Standard Spacer Field Slates

•    An Edge spacer

An Edge spacer is used on the sides of the roof (dark slates at right). Allow 2 spacers, on average, per edge slate.

Edge Spacer Edge Slates