Get more from your slate investment.

Get more from your slate investment.


SlateSpacer™ is an inexpensive, concealed, stainless steel spacer that rests beneath the end of each roofing slate.

Broad, flexible and very thin (1.2 mm (less than 1/16")), SlateSpacer™ offers the benefits of separating slates without creating breakage or weather entry problems.

SlateSpacer™ works on nailed or hooked installations, on open or closed roof structures. It installs quickly with a simple insert-and-twist motion (no fasteners required).

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(For more information, please see the Benefits section, above.)


  • Increases slate life / reduces roof cost
  • Reduces breakage
  • Increases wind resistance

and it:

  • Improves ventilation / reduces condensation
  • Makes open roofs more effective
  • Improves appearance
  • Sets a new standard for sustainability


SlateSpacer™ is optimized for water-shedding efficacy, broad support, longevity and secure, rapid installation.

"Crinkled T-head":

  • prevents slide-out
  • allows fastener-free, quick-twist insertion
  • provides a no-wrong-way fit


  • Downward sloping legs allow condensation to drain.
  • Broad span creates an effective support area 30X greater than a nail head.
  • Stainless steel lasts as long as slate.
  • Design reduces breakage and preserves water-shedding integrity.
  • Fastener-free, quick-twist insertion
  • For nailed or hooked applications