Get more from your slate investment.

Get more from your slate investment.

Reduces condensation

Condensation forms in roofs of all types when relatively warm, moist, interior air reaches cool roof elements. On slate roofs, condensation can accumulate on the upper portion of the slate's back surface.

Two effects

Condensation has two effects on slate, one familiar, one less so.

It can age slate where it first forms and lingers. It can also be a second source of water (in addition to rain) that collects between slates and prolongs aging processes generally (review aging processes).

When enough condensate accumulates to form drops on a slate's upper back, the drops can run down the slate and enter the minute voids between overlapped surfaces, where they become trapped by capillary action (review capillary action).

By separating slates, SlateSpacer™ unblocks water trapped by capillary action, allowing condensation to drain from the roof. And, by increasing air circulation, SlateSpacer™ speeds evaporation.