Get more from your slate investment.

Get more from your slate investment.

2 Models

Standard spacer

Use the Standard spacer almost everywhere (dark slates at right). Allow 1 spacer per standard (field) slate.

Standard Spacer Field Slates

Edge spacer

Use the Edge spacer on the sides of the roof (dark slates at right) where it is not possible to use the Standard spacer. Specifically, use Edge spacers at verges (gable ends), along hips and at the right and left sides of penetrations (such as chimneys and skylights). Allow 2 spacers, on average, per edge slate.

Edge Spacer Edge Slates


Standard Spacer

See video.

Insert the Standard Spacer parallel to the gap between the slates. Twist the Standard Spacer to be perpendicular to the gab between the slates. Slide the Standard Spacer into place. The Standard Spacer in place.




Edge Spacer

Slide the Edge Spacer onto the edge of the slate. The Edge Spacer in place.


spacer should not touch nail

Either side up

Spacers can be oriented with either side facing up.

No wrong-way fit!